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i thought that i heard you laughing...

i have THE worst luck when it comes to getting a job. i've been trying for the past month and a half now since i want nothing more but to visit sarah sometime soon, hopefully for thanksgiving. originally i wanted to visit her on her birthday which passed this saturday, but that obviously didn't happen. i applied at a bunch of places and continually checked up on them, finally i get an interview... just one, but it's something at least, i thought. i go to this interview at sam goody and i think everything goes fine and i'm thinking i've got this job, but than i hear "sorry, we extended the offer to somebody else." all right, so i can't be there for sarah's birthday... let me start aiming for thanksgiving, i can surely earn up enough money between the beginning and end of november if i get a job right away. sure! i go with mo to this huge warehouse discount store called national wholesale liquidators because his uncle works there and told us to apply. we both hand in applications and the next day, mo is working... but i'm not. but the good news is that the next day i talk to scott who is the manager at riteaid and he says there's an opening, and when there's an opening, he can always get his friends in. he's not the hiring manager, but he always helps his friends get hired. so far his help worked for luke, alex and sehad, so i'm thinking i'm in and he basically guarantees me the job. i just have to take this prescreening test over the phone so i did that this past sunday and passed. i go and talk to scott today... and it turns out that the hiring manager is thinking of giving the guy who's spot i was supposed to take a second chance. so nothing is definite, but scott can't promise anything since he feels bad about having guaranteed me the job in the first place and now that's starting to fall apart. ARRRGHHH. hopefully something will come through for me real soon. REAL SOON. i'm sure that if i can at least save up for a one-way tickets, mom would probably pay for my return.

i'm so bored, i signed on to update my journal and check my e-mail.

anyway... i guess i'm bummed out... and i love sarah more than anything... and everything will work out and i know i'll be seeing her for thanksgiving.

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