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silly starfish!!

sarah e-mailed this to me and wanted to fill it out... i guess it's like an internet friend survey type thing, which is kind of silly since we've been going out for over a year and three months, but i don't mind filling it out at all so yeah... here it is.


1. What do you think of me? you are absolutely perfect and i can't imagine my future without you in it.

2. On a Scale from 1 - 10, how nice am I to you? a perfect 10, duh.

3. Do I seem Caring? definitely.

4. Outgoing or shy? outgoing.

5. Funny or serious? you can be serious at times, but i love your sense of humor.

6. Sweet or mean? definitely sweet.

7. Singing, or Dancing? lots of both.

8. Colorful or gray? very colorful.

9. Smart or stupid? very smart.

10. Faithful or Faithless? faithful.

11. Goody-goody, naughty-naughty, or in between? i dunno, goody-goody people don't throw pumpkins off bridges, do they sarah? ;) i guess in-between.

12. Weird or gifted? definitely not weird.

13. Which Celebrity is most like me? *shrugs* i can't think of one, really.

14. Do you like being friends with me? i love being in love with you.

16. What's my nickname? starfish! you're my starfish.

17. Dark or a bright person? bright.

18. Do you consider me one of your good friends? you're the love of my life. this survey is SILLY. yeah.

19. How would you describe me to someone else? sarah is the most caring and sweetest person i know, and she's beautiful and smart and funny, she's just so perfect.

20. Cheater or Loyal? loyal.

21. Guy-Crazed or Girl-crazed or laid-back? with me.

22. Sk8er or Preppy? uhh, are you serious with this question?

23. Chatty or quiet? definitely chatty.

24. Do you think I'm cute, OK, or HOT? you're absolutely gorgeous, sexy, hot, cute, attractive, pretty, and yeahhh...

25. What's your prediction for my future? you're going to be an art teacher and live with me and things will be awesome. DUH.

26. Internet junkie or writing freak? neither, i suppose...

27. Poetic or logical? logical, i guess. i dunno.

28. Annoyingly hyper or cutely hyper? THE CUTESTly hyper ever.

29. Will we be friends in the future? we'll be in love in the future, just like we are now. FOREVER.

30. Would you ever take a bullet for me? in a second.

31. Am I a kind of person you would ever date? i am now, ain't i? hehehh... we're going to be together forever, sarah. but you already knew that.

32. Would you stick up for me in a fight? i said i'd take a bullet for you, so i don't think a fight would be that big a deal...

33. Partier, semi-Partier, or party pooper? well, you definitely like to have fun but you don't get all stupid by drinking/smoking or anything... so i guess semi-partier?

34. Lovable, likable, or I hate you? LOVABLE!!!


35. Would you ever go out with me? isn't this question 31 all over again?

36. Would you ever give your phone number 2 me? i this this question is FUNNY. heh.

37. Do I have a chance with you? c'mon with the silly questions... we're perfect for each other, sarah.

38. Would you ever hug me? I LOVE HUGGING YOU!!

39. Would you ever kiss me? I LOOVEEEE KISSING YOOU!!

40. Have you ever had a crush on me? more then a crush, silly... it's LOVE. :)

41. What is the first thing you noticed about me? when we first met, probably your hair.

42. What is my best trait? i love everything about you, i can't just pick one thing... you've got an awesome personality, i love your sense of humor, and you're beautiful.
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