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where in the world is maciej jedrych?

hey this is matt with an update... it's been a while since i have written anything but here i am once again in washington, at sarah's school writing stuff. i am in her english teacher's class room whose name i will not attempt to spell. anyway, sarah's computer is broken so this will be the only entry for a while. i am going back to new york around the 20th... than i will visit sarah for her birthday (november 2nd) and after that, i will be moving back to washington at the start of next year. sarah and i are going to get an apartament together so that will be really awesome...

speaking of sarah and i, this sunday will mark our one year anniversary. that's ssssuuuccchhh a long time we've been going out for... wow. yeah, it's a lot. a year, woooo... yeah. rock on.

ok, i'm gonna go do nothing. yeahhh.µ'
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