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first of a few, hopefully...


okay, i'm bored... and i just signed on real quick to see if sarah responded to the e-mail i sent her earlier today, but she didn't. i think i may have sent the e-mail too late or something for her to check it... but anyway, i'm excited because the ups tracking page said she got the stuff i sent her today. sarah's birthday is on saturday so i ordered some stuff online for her and it got there today... so that's awesome and now i've just gotta wait to call her so that she can open her gifts on the phone with me. i also got her something from a store around here and mailed it to her, but that won't be getting to her until saturday.

i know it sounds lame when i say that i'm excited about her opening her gifts over the phone... because i know i should be there for her birthday. i wanted to be really bad but my job search has been fairly unsuccessful so far and that's left me with no cash. hopefully, something will come through real soon and within the next few weeks, i will be on my way to washington to visit sarah. after that, i'll come back here and keep working to save up all the money i make so that i can move back to washington in january. i can't wait for that... i really want to live with sarah, i miss her so much. after not seeing her for such a long time, seeing her every single day is going to be so great. waking up with her every morning and falling asleep by her side each and every night will truly be like a dream come true. things will work out, i know it... it's going to be real tough to get started once i move out there... we probably won't be able to move in right away but i know her dad doesn't mind me staying with sarah as long as i help out and whatnot. so i figure if i don't make enough money by that time, but have a decent amount, i can just work there to save up some more.

anyway, i'm gonna get going. i think i just might update more often whenever i come online, which isn't very often. i mostly just come on to either check my e-mail, read the latest crap on and, or to work on the street wrestling federation website i made.

oh yeah, i'm listening to this cd sarah sent me of her friend's band. it's pretty good.

(ps: I LOVE SARAH!!!!!!!!)
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