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gonna dream about the time when i'm with you!

i called places of possible work today... at toys 'r us, i spoke to a manager who wasn't the hiring manager and she said that there are hundreds of applications that have been handed in as of late since it's the holiday season and they're hiring holiday help and the lady who takes care of it has been doing callbacks daily.. and i handed in my application about a week ago, so if i don't get one soon, i probably won't at all. booo. k-mart said that they'll be doing callbacks over the next few weeks. suncoast video told me the manager will be in tomorrow but the girl whom i spoke to wrote my name down and said she'll tell the manager i called. old navy, gap and eb all told me that they are all looking through applications and doing callbacks now. called a few other places, but basically got a whole lotta nothing... i'm going to keep trying though. tomorrow morning i'm going to the place that mo works at and i'll talk to scott and see what's up with riteaid. i'll also talk to mike because he's supposedly getting a job at blockbuster, so i'll see if they're looking for more people.

i signed on to see if sarah responded to my e-mail, but she didn't... oh well. i did e-mail patrick yesterday though and he got back to me today, so it was good to hear from him since we haven't talked in a long time.

well, i'm gonna get going. i still have to call cvs and see what's going on over there, than i'm gonna call sarah so we can chat for a bit. i need a new phone card though... kinda of hard to acquire them when you're absolutely broke however.

i'm pretty bummed... stuff kind of sucks. this whole job search is suckin' hardcore and i have the worst luck (as i've already said) when it comes to work. the only thing that seems to get me through the day is thinking about how nice it'll be when sarah and i live together...
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