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whoa, i am up EARLY today!!! holy crap. i just thought i'd sign on to post here before leaving. where exactly am i leaving to? TO SEE SARAH!!! YEH!! i'm going to washington for a week to spend thanksgiving with sarah, it's going to be so friggin' great. sure, my parents weren't too pleased about me leaving for washington again, but i'm paying for the tickets and sarah is paying for my return (or rather lending me money for it), so they don't really have much say. but getting back to my point, I GET TO SEE SARAH!! geez i'm excited... i can't wait to hug her and kiss her and just have her in my arms, it's going to be beyond great.

hmmmm, got lots of stuff to do today. gotta head out right now and pick up this turkey for my parents for their thanksgiving. my dad gets one for free from his job from this store, but they can't pick it up 'cos they're at work all day and the place closes at 5 pm... so i have to go get it and bring it back here. after that, i gotta go into the city and go to fossil to talk to the manager about possibly getting a job. hopefully if things go well i will be done with both of those things at around 1-2 pm... and then i can go hang out with mo and the crew for a little bit, and i'm getting joe's discman too since he's letting me borrow it for my trip. if he doesn't come through, mike said he'll give me his. yeah, good stuff. after that, i'll be off to the airport and off to see sarah! YEHH!!

i got a burned copy of the audioslave cd and i like it quite a bit. good stuff. ohh yeah, i gotta burn like a cd or two for the flight over to washington. so that i don't die of boredom or anything. oh yeahh, on my way back from the turkey-getting, i'll have to stop by the post office and pick up these books i ordered.

-> too good to be true: the collosal book of urban legends
-> everything you know is wrong: the dissinformation guide to secrets and lies
-> an underground education
-> the worst-case scenario survival handbook
-> watchmen (classic graphic novel)

hopefully that stuff will make my flight more enjoyable as well. especially watchmen, i've always wanted to read it... especially now that they're planning on turning it into a movie. anyway, i'm rambling here and i should really get going. see you in a week, journal. sarah, i'll see you tonight. I LOVE YOU!!
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