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if you can't get a girl, but your best friend can, it's time to move yer body!

whoa, it's been like 12 years since i last updated.

i'm still living in new york and sarah is still in washington and we're working things out. i'm not sure what's going to happen, but i know we're going to stay together no matter what. we're just way too perfect for each other... i love sarah way too much to just let her go. she's so amazing and wonderful and just so perfect. she's so incredible... i can't even put it all into words, how great she is and how much i love her.

she was in new york for a week over new year's which was a lot of fun. miss her so much already... that week with her was so not enough, as great as it was. i'm plannong in flying in to see her for valentine's day which is going to be pretty awesome. i'm not sure yet what exactly we're going to do for that, but i have a basic idea... of course i'm not going to tell sarah because i know she hates suprises. :) :) :) mwahahahhaa...

hmmm, i think that's all i will be writing for now. oh, i got a playstation 2 for christmas, so that's pretty neat. it's about time i got a new video game system, heh. plus i got a BUNCH of neat stuff from sarah and i got her some cool things as well. i'm wearing one of the t-shirts she got me right now, it says "i'm like a SUPER HERO with no powers or motivation" and it's pretty friggin' cool. yep, yep, yep. well, i shall update with more later...

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You're so cute matt. I love you too sweetheart!

I know that Valentine's Day will be absolutely amazing!!! I love you with all of my heart. I know we are going to be together for like... ever! We are too perfect for each other. You know it, I know it, EVERYONE who has MET us knows it!!!

Who's my seeexxxyy BEAR fish

I love you Puddy!