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whoooo's my seeexy STARFISH?!

hey journal, guess what, guess what, GUESS WHAT!?

did ya guess yet? okay, okay, okay... I LOVE SARAH!!

just writing that in case ya didn't know.

sarah is just so amazing and special and perfect. i know there is nobody else out there quite like her, nobody as great and beautiful and incredible as she is. i'm simply the luckiest because i get to call her mine. god, i love her so much... more than anything in the entire world. she's just so good to me... but me being the big idiot that i am, always tend to mess things up though. once valentine's day rolls around though, things should be okay... i can't wait until that time. i can't wait to see sarah and just hug her and kiss her, it's going to be so absolutely great. when she was here for new year's, it was so hard saying goodbye to her at the airport when time came for her to leave. i just can't wait to see her again... i can't wait to be able to hold her in my arms... hold her hand everywhere we go...

i miss my starfish. a whole lot.

i mailed sarah some stuff out last week and she should hopefully be getting it today. some letters and a few other things, so i'm hoping the new york postal service decides to be cool and delivers the mail on time for a change. that'd be grrrreat. yeh, yeh, yeh. i'm such a huge dork. sarah knows it too... we were reading old letters we wrote to each other through our relationship and man, i'm such a huge dork... how did sarah ever start liking me, even loving me? heheh... i totally have no clue, but i sure am glad she did. i sure am glad that the most incredible and beautiful girl in the entire world fell in love with me...

i know that i the luckiest. :) :) :)
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