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where were you while we were getting high?

updating once again... yay! i went to the 10th year raw anniversary special at wwe the world this past tuesday, it was pretty fun. it was me, don, mike, sheena, mo and chris, and overall, i guess the show was okay. no big suprise like we were all led up to believe... especially since everybody was saying bret hart was gonna be there, but oh well. still a good time.

sarah got my stuff in the mail, hoorahh! i'm gonna go out to the post office after this to mail more stuff out for her, some letters i wrote and a copy of the nada surf cd i burned for her. speaking of music, i just saw two the used videos, for "box full of sharp objects" and "the taste of ink." the ink song is pretty catchy, i've heard it before here and there... and sharpe objects is pretty neat too, i like the video, it just makes the band look like they're a bunch of fun-loving people. the reason i mention the used is because sarah told me she likes them a whole lot now... weird how she said that and as soon as i turned on the tv this morning, their videos were on mtv2. yehh.

speaking of sarah, i miss her bunches. i just can't wait until valentine's day, it's going to be so great. i have an idea in my head as to what we can do, but i'm still thinking of all the possibilities... so once i'm set on something, i'll tell sarah. hopefully she'll like my idea. valentine's day is on a friday this year, so that's excellent... last year it was on a thursday, so we had to actually celebrate it the day after.

agh, my birthday is coming up soon. i'm going to be 20 years old... that's so scary! i won't even be a teenager anymore... eww. heh, seriously though... that's like, HUGE. 20 years old? geez. i'm gonna be OLD.

i'm listening to oasis right now and they rock. my taste in music seems to change a lot... well, not so much my taste in music, but my favorite musicians rather. right now, i think it goes something like this:

1) coldplay
2) phantom planet
3) violent femmes
4) oasis
5) led zeppelin
6) u2
7) system of a down
9) clawfinger
10) pennywise

yeah, pennywise... i haven't listened to them in a while and just today i realized i have a bunch of their mp3s and i listened to them. pennywise is good. anyway, i think if i were to rewrite that list in a few days, i'm sure it'd be different... except for coldplay being at the very top, because coldplay friggin' rocks, in a soft and gentle kind of way. yeahhhhh! oookay, time for me to go, i think.

shhh, i have a secret...I LOVE SARAH!!
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