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i hurt myself today to see if i still feel...

johnny cash covering a nine inch nails song? geez, i really never thought i'd see that happening. pretty damn cool, i must admit.

ohhh, i love sarah. she's the greatest, ever. she's PERFECT! you hear me, people of the World? sarah is PERFECT and she's MINE so that makes me the luckiest guy ever. none of you can have her because she's mine and we're going to be together forever. like i said, THE LUCKIEST!! :) :) :)

i wrote this three-page report on the history of comedy for sarah. i haven't written a report in the longest time and this actually went pretty quickly, only took me like two hours to do... less than that even, i think. i'm quite sure i did a good job with it, so sarah should be expecting a good grade on it. hehehh.

ya know, sarah and i have tons of nicknames for each other, seriously. we're cute like that. she calls me: giraffe, puddy, bear, skinny bear, puddy bear, cubby, sweetums, bubble, pootie. i call her: starfish, baby-bee, pootie, sleeping pootie, sexy starfish... and tons more for both of us. seriously though, we rock. :)

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