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ahh, yess...

GAH!! why the hell does deadjournal have to be down... grr...

i really wanted to write this somewhere, so i suppose i'll put it in here for now.

so i'm talking to julie, and i decided to tell her about this dream i had. the both of us were in my room, and we went to lay on my bed... and suddenly, we were in like this neverending grass field. so we're laying on this field, and it just seemed all perfect and whatnot. then she says that she finds that kind of weird and funny because she had a dream about me too... and i ask her, "good or bad?" so she says, "good. how could a dream with you in it be bad?" and i was like... GAH! that was really sweet of her and stuff, and yeah... it just made me feel really great. but anyway, the dream was that we were on the beach all cuddling and stuff, just relaxing and laying there...

so yah, good times.
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